FLO & Missy Elliott are fly girls in newest collaboration

The trio is back with the next big summer hit, "Fly Girl," featuring hip-hop icon Missy Elliott.


FLO has blessed the music world by joining forces with Grammy-winning rapper and producer Missy Elliott for their newest single “Fly Girl” – a sassy, 2000s-inspired pop/R&B hit about never needing a man to have a good time.

“Fly Girl’ is needed on everyone’s “hot girl summer” playlist because of its unapologetically confident lyrics and infectious chorus that have the grit to make it a timeless girl group hit that favors Destiny’s Child’s “Jumpin Jumpin.” It’s only right that this iconic collaboration came just in time to conclude Women’s History Month as it embodies a nostalgic era of music that screams woman power, with just the right amount of attitude.

“Fly Girl” takes a sample from “Work It” by Missy Elliott, who of course is no rookie when it comes to girl-group features, as she has collaborated with some of the biggest girl groups in history. She featured on Destiny Child’s song “Confessions” from their sophomore album The Writings On The Wall and on Fifth Harmony’s song “Not That Kinda Girl” from their sophomore album 7/27.

You can tell Missy Elliott had a lot of fun with this FLO collaboration, as the group’s 2000s R&B/hip-hop with a dab of pop style is her niche. Her rap verse in the song is energy-filled and fits well as the song’s bridge. FLO’s vocal ad libs and harmonies behind the rap verse add to that 2000s vibe and the group’s stellar vocals fits well with Elliott’s unique rap flow. FLO recently took to social media to celebrate the “Fly Girl” release and shout-out Missy Elliott:


The “Fly Girl” video is a must-watch, set in a women’s only nightclub with the three members of FLO smoothly transitioning from one girl’s verse to another, uniting for the danceable chorus in Y2K-inspired outfits while singing, “You’re telling me I’m pretty but it’s obvious / I don’t need a man to tell me where the party is.”

“Fly Girl” is a song that is bringing back the nostalgic 2000s sound to mainstream music, with the help of a hip-hop icon.

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