BIGBANG tease Still Life lyrics

BIGBANG is releasing the new single 'Still Life' on April 5


Updated April 3

BIGBANG have released three lyric posters from the upcoming single ‘Still Life’.

In the first poster, the lyrics “Our beautiful Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter”, in the second, “After the rain, instead of sadness, (there is) a happy end”, and in the third one “When the flowers bloom in the following year”.

‘Still Life’ will be officially released on streaming platforms on April 5. In China, the single is available for pre-sale, and it has been certified Double Platinum on QQ Music, China’s biggest music platform, with over 500,000 pre-downloads.

It has also been certified Gold on the platform Kugou Music.

At the moment of writing, the single has surpassed 600,000 pre-sales in China.

Updated March 29

YG Entertainment has released the last teaser poster for BIGBANG’s upcoming single ‘’Still Life’’.

The polaroid/teaser poster features T.O.P, standing tall in the middle dressed for the winter weather.

The Korean title of the song is ‘Spring Summer Autumn Winter’ and based on the T.O.P teaser photo we can suppose he represents winter.

YG Entertainment confirmed that “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung recently completed filming the music video for their new song,” adding that the preparations were “progressing smoothly”.

‘Still Life’ will be released on all streaming platforms on April 5.

Updated March 28

BIGBANG will release the single ‘Still Life’ on April 5.

The group and YG Entertainment have unveiled the teaser poster for the single and dropped teaser images for G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung.

In the ‘Still Life’ poster, the polaroid features red, yellow, pink, and white gerberas. Gerberas symbolise innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love; with this comeback, BIGBANG are owning to their heartfelt promise: that BIGBANG and VIPs would one day meet again when the flowers bloom.

YG Entertainment has revealed that ‘Still Life’ represents the members’ sincere messages. The Korean title for the song is ‘Spring Summer Autumn Winter’, almost as indicating 4 seasons of change and time to emerge from the darkness; as Korean VIPs have highlighted that BIGBANG’s comeback on April 5 coincides with Arbor Day in South Korea and with Cheongmyeong, or the “Day of Pure Brightness”, describing the gradual clearing of the sky.

YG Entertainment has also unveiled individual teaser images, starting from G-Dragon, on March 27 they released the photo for Taeyang, and on March 28 (at 12 am KST) the polaroid for Daesung.

G-Dragon’s profile resembles a statue in the photos and is enveloped in an orange-peachy light. Taeyang lies on the ground surrounded by flowers. Daesung is stunning, with his curly hair in front of a blue backdrop.

BIGBANG’s new single ‘Still Life’ will be released on April 5.

Original Article

BIGBANG’s comeback will undoubtedly be one of the biggest K-Pop moments in 2022.

BIGBANG have finally announced the date for their long-awaited comeback. On March 21, YG Entertainment and the four members shared the first teaser for the upcoming comeback. The announcement poster features a black polaroid on a white background with the text “BIGBANG 0AM APR 05 2022”.

No additional details about the release have been shared; the mysterious single or album release will be BIGBANG’s first comeback as a group in four years; their most recent release is 2018’s ‘Flower Road’.

Earlier last week, YG Entertainment confirmed that “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, and Daesung recently completed filming the music video for their new song, ” adding that the preparations were “progressing smoothly”.

The agency first announced BIGBANG’s comeback plan in February. Also, it revealed that T.O.P had left the agency, clarifying that despite not renewing the contract with the company, T.O.P remains a member of BIGBANG and will be involved in the upcoming release and group activities when his future plans will make it possible. T.O.P has announced plans to release a solo album in an interview with the Hong Kong Magazine Prestige.

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