Mark Tuan is back with the new single save me

‘save me’ comes with a psychedelia-inspired visualiser


Mark Tuan has released a new single, ‘save me’.

The singer-songwriter and GOT7 member released the single on April 7, making it his fourth solo release since he actively started to release English music as a soloist in November 2021 with ‘Last Breath’.

In March, ‘save me’ was previously teased on Twitter when Mark asked his fans what single he should release between ‘lonely’ and ‘save me’. Later on, the singer revealed that both singles would be released.

‘save me’ was co-written by Tuan and lilspirit, and it’s an R&B track describing how constant issues in a relationship create an imbalance, most of the time emotional, and lead to one doubting themselves and their role in the relationship. The track is co-produced by OVRCZ, lilspirit, Western Weiss, and Sean Silverman.

‘save me’ quickly topped the iTunes Top Songs charts in various countries after its release. It reached No. 1 in 38 countries, including Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Turkey. The single debuted at No.8 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and No.22 on the European iTunes Song Chart.

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