Suho releases the b-side Hurdle

The b-side ‘Hurdle’ is taken from Suho’s latest EP, Grey Suit


Suho has released a music video for the b-side ‘Hurdle’, lifted off his EP Grey Suit.

‘Hurdle’ is a pop-rock-infused ballad that contrasts the slow tempo of the EP’s title track, ‘Grey Suit’.  The song mixes the sound of the city with a tense bass line. The song is upbeat, and Suho sings about a possible relationship stuck somewhere in space and time, and he wants to know if they are something more.

‘Hurdle’ is paired with an eccentric music video in which we see Suho going through hurdles, such as having a bad relationship with his manager. The music video is also in striking contrast with ‘Grey Suit’; here, brighter and edgy elements stand out.

After the release of Grey Suit, the EP soared topped No.1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 33 countries, including United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Oman, Portugal, and Costa Rica.

Grey Suit topped the Korean album charts, such as Hanteo Chart and Synnara Record.

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