Meet Blanks, the musician behind the YouTube one-hour song challenge

With his one hour song challenge and happy tunes, he's definitely someone to look out for!


It’s time for you to meet new artist Blanks, aka Simon de Wit, a 23-year-old musician from the Netherlands.

A few years ago, Simon started with a vlog in his attic room, and it was his dream to become a vlogger. After experimenting with music, it soon became clear that Simon had the talent to become a musician. Now he has his own tour, 1.27 million subscribers on YouTube, and he was the support act of MAX.

Yes, Blanks is a TRUE superstar on the rise.

Perhaps you’ve already seen a video from Blanks on YouTube. He grew his audience by producing his one-hour song challenge where he (re)makes a song in just 60 minutes with help of his followers on Instagram. His ’80s version of Post Malone’s ”Better Now” went viral with 9.1 million views.

Since 2019, Blanks has been writing and producing with his unique modern-day ’80s vibe style of music. On February 12 this year, he released his single ”What You Do To Me,” which has received a massive amount of love from his fans. Blanks has big plans for the future: He wants to become a household name in the music industry and start making music with big international artists.

Don’t forget to check out Blanks’ YouTube Channel where he will keep posting new music — which we all can’t wait to hear!

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