Introducing: Young Amphibians


We know what you’re thinking, Young Amphibians makes it seem like we’re going to be talking about animals, quite the opposite actually.

Let us give you a little overview on who Young Amphibians are before you go off and Google them. They are an alternative rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. They formed in 2014 and the members who make up the band are Thom. P Smith, Ash Ingham, Alun Davies and Steven Todd.

They released their debut EP ‘Thought Control’ just months after they formed, as well as 3 singles. Their new single ‘End of Today, Start of Tomorrow’ has an amazing guitar solo that you need to hear!

If you are into rock with an indie twist then these guys are perfect for your summer playlist.

You can download ‘End of Today, Start of Tomorrow’ on iTunes here.

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