Hobbie Stuart has changed the game with a Drake & Rihanna cover mashup


Yes okay, we have seen about a million and one covers of ‘Work’, but today one has popped up which is actually pretty genius. You may or may not have heard of Hobbie Stuart, he’s from Brighton and basically does a whole load of covers.

Anyway, this week he has posted quite the beast of a cover mixing Drake’s ‘Controlla’ and Rihanna’s ‘Work’. As you can imagine, yes, it sounds rather nice.

In the past Hobbie has gained his popularity from covers such as the one above. He’s also covered (incredibly well) a mix of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ and Coldplay’s ‘Magic’, which just works to perfection.

You may recognise Hobbie as last year he made a quick appearance on the UK’s X Factor and Rita Ora allegedly fell in love with the guy and made her ‘weak at the knees’. Understandable, obviously.

United By Pop would like to apologise if you lose your afternoon listening to Hobbie Stuart covers, but don’t feel ashamed because its 100% understandable.

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