Lily Moore talks ‘I Will Never Be’ EP, songwriting, and performing


After the recent release of her EP ‘I Will Never Be,’ Lily Moore has impressed fans and listeners yet again with her soulful vocals and honest messages conveyed through her relatable lyrics. Moore is a singer-songwriter that is not only unique but also genuine and full of life. In an exclusive interview with United by Pop, the ‘Lying To Yourself’ singer opened up about inspiration, musical influences and her newest tracks.

How did you originally get into music and when did you know it was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

I think it’s always been the thing that I wanted to do. There’s never been a sort of question about it. I remember when I was younger people would always ask me what I would want to do [as a career] and I would say I wanted to sing. I’ve always sang. When I was little, my mom always said she would be worried if she didn’t hear me singing. She would think something had happened.

Your latest EP, ‘I Will Never Be,’ came out October 1st! What can you tell me about that project and how it has been to release it to the general public?

It felt like a very long time coming. They’re all songs that I’ve written probably about a year ago or maybe longer. It felt like the right time to release them. It feels really good to have them out in the world. It was all worth it. The response has been great as well! It feels like the order I have been releasing them in is also the order that the story [of my life] happened. It feels very chronological.

What do you think makes this EP different from other projects or even songs you have released in the past?

There’s a real mixture of songs on this one. I wanted to make sure there was a big happy song on this one. I wanted it to be sort of gospel and fun. I also wanted to make it modern and that was kind of how ‘All Day’ came out. I wanted to show all sides of life and myself. It’s a different part of my life and the next chapter.

What inspires the music you write about? Is it mostly focused on one aspect of life, like love, for example, or is it all different subjects?

I think it comes from everywhere. I take a lot of inspiration without realizing it. I think it’s easy to overthink writing although there are days where I know exactly what I want to say and how I want to write it. I remember I was listening to my friend on the phone with her boyfriend and she said “Where are you going? I just want to be with you!” I just thought that was the nicest thing I ever heard. That’s where ‘I Know I Wanna Be With You’ came from. They’re [the songs] all things I relate to, but they’re not all personal experiences.

You have a very soulful and unique voice! Who are your musical influences?

When I was about nine or ten, Adele, Amy and Duffy were all kind of on the radio at the same time and I remember being like: “They’re amazing! I want to be like them and do what they’re doing!” Hearing these really amazing and soulful vocals on the radio, I wanted to be like them. Even before hearing them, I think I kind of sounded and sang similar to them anyway because I grew up listening to blues and soul singers. Naturally, those were the voices that I heard. I love Amy Winehouse a lot!

What advice would you give to young girls trying to pursue a career similar to yours?

Just be yourself and wear whatever you want to wear!

You have toured with many impressive people like James Bay and Vance Joy. What’s your favorite part about performing live?

I think I just feel like there’s nothing else I could possibly be thinking about in the world when I go on stage. I could be having the worst day ever and to go on stage and be given half an hour to just sing my heart out, that’s what I look forward to. I wake up thinking about having a gig. I say I don’t get nervous, but I do. After the gig, it’s the best feeling in the world.

There is a new mahogany session of ‘Lying To Yourself’ out now that is more stripped down. What can you tell me about that experience and the song in general?

It was really cool to do that! I remember the house we filmed that it in had a kitten. We filmed it in this amazing place. Everyone got annoyed at me because I kept going back to see the kitten. It was really fun and I love doing stuff like that. That was a day of being with the kitten, getting really dressed up and singing my heart out. I wrote that song when I was about 17 and it was about someone blatantly lying to my face. It was obvious this person was lying. The song is about liking someone so much that you pretend they aren’t lying, but really they are.

With more people hearing your music and discovering your songs each day, what do you want listeners and fans to take away from it? Are there any messages you try to convey through your music?

I would love for people to hear it and think “I’ve felt like that!” For a girl my age to hear ‘Lying To Yourself’ and think, “I don’t need them!” People being able to relate to them is something I would love.

What is your favorite song you have released thus far or maybe resonate most with and why?

I think ‘Do This For Me’ is probably the one that I feel completely lost in when I sing it on stage. I’ve cried while singing that song live. That’s probably my favorite to sing and it doesn’t mean the most to me [over others] because they all mean a lot to me. I remember that feeling so well.

When you’re not working on music or in the studio, what do you like to do in your free time?

I’d say that I do normal things! I don’t really like clubbing even though I’m only 20. I go out to breakfast quite a lot. My mom lives in Brighton, so quite often I hop on the train and have a weekend by the seaside. I’ve always got places to go visit and I get to go see my friends which is also cool.

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If you could only listen to three bands or artists for the next five years, who would it be and why?

George Michael! There are a couple of his songs that are just brilliant. You could listen to his songs in the morning or in the evening. I just think he’s really cool! I like A Tribe Called Quest when I just want to relax and hang out. Also, I’m going to say Lauryn Hill! She has really cool lyrics and a bit of sass. 

What can fans look forward to in the near or distant future?

I would just say more of everything! I want to do it all bigger. I want to do bigger shows and release the next single which I’m really really proud of. Also, I’m working towards an album and still writing! I’m always writing.

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