Retro soul artist Lusaint is on her way to become the next big thing

Lusaint's distinctive sound has even garnered recognition from Elton John!


You may not yet be familiar with Lusaint, but soon, her name will be everywhere. The emerging retro soul artist is quickly moving up to stardom, set to become the next worldwide phenomenon. In 2019, she broke the record for the most Shazams in a single day and has already amassed 50 million global streams. Lusaint is not just making her mark in music; she’s also stepping into the spotlight at high-profile events like Fashion Week and catching the eye of major media platforms, including receiving nods from Sir Elton John. With the release of her latest track “Sweet Tooth”, Lusaint is gearing up to conquer the world. But before she does, she sits down for an interview with us.

First things first, how was London Fashion week in February?

So amazing, thank you!! It’s always creatively very inspiring to see such intricate details in the garments. And such a pleasure to be invited!

Also a Late congratulations on “Sweet Tooth”! Can you tell us a bit more about the song?

I wrote the track with an amazing writer Cameron Warren. I wanted to write specifically that day about my obsession with sweet food. Hence Sweet Tooth! That’s the lighter meaning of a track that also represents a past relationship that you’re devastated is no more and you’re still very attached. This meaning came through as we went into depth lyrically in the session.

How did your journey as an artist started and how do you look back on it?

I started recording covers a few years back when I was working part-time in a clothing store after uni! I didn’t expect anything to happen with them really until I’d recorded my third song, and the streams started to go. It’s been an amazing journey and writing my own material is a whole other world. I love every part of the process.

Who were your influences for “Sweet Tooth?”

I dont think I specifically had any influences for this song. It was a very prominent day though as I knew from this creation, i was so excited to be intertwining jazz and soul in to my music.

You’re a retro soul artist, how do you develop these elements in today’s music? How do you keep it modern?

I think just staying true to who you are and not worrying too much about fitting in with everyone else is so important. Finding my sound over the last year has been so exciting. I really look forward to studio days and creating music I love.

Something else we REALLY need to talk about: A week or two ago, Elton John featured you on his “Rocket Hour” radio show, followed up by him sharing you on his Instagram story. How did that happen?

I’m not entirely sure! Haha. I was delivered the news from my manager right before I was about to go on stage. I shared the news with the crowd and it was such a great moment!

You have 50 million global streams, and you get mentioned by platforms such as MTV and Wonderland. How do you deal with a huge success and media attention like this? Do you not think: “What the hell is happening to me?”

It has been a little bit like that, especially over the last few weeks! But when I’m busy, and no time to think about it, it helps! Haha.

Photo: Fiona Garden
Photo: Fiona Garden

It’s always good to be busy to distract your mind! Now your EP is also coming out this year and it has been produced by Blue May whom has worked with huge artists such as Jorja Smith and Lilly Allen. What was the process of making the EP with him like?

It has been really cool. He completely understood the project and from his previous work, I felt the fit was perfect.

What are your hopes for your EP release? Do you hope to spread a message or what do you hope what people feel?

I’m hoping to play as many shows as possible over the next year. It’s my main priority and the thing I love the most. The Ep is named Self Sabotage and a lot of the lyrics explore relationship issues/ hurt etc. I think the songs are very relevant and relatable.

What impact do you hope to have with your music in the next few years?

I hope my songs can relate to many people and emotionally connect. That’s my goal. Live performance connection is also a big thing for me too.

Besides your upcoming EP, what else can we expect from you in the future?
Lots of live shows which i will be announcing very soon. I will be doing a performance at The Pheasantry in London on April 23rd, a Paris tour in May and also have a French television appearance in March on the show Tarratata. Very exciting!

We wish Lusaint the best of luck on her journey! We can’t wait to see where her talent takes her next. Make sure you check out Lusaint’s music for yourself:

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