Renaissance is hosting another Louis Tomlinson streaming party

For three days, starting Friday July 30th, join and help hit the goal by streaming Louis’ music!


Whether you’re studying, working, waiting to go on vacation, just coming back from holidays, there’s no better way to spend your time and try to relax/chill/have fun/lowkey cry than listening to Louis Tomlinson discography. And Renaissance knows as well, that’s why they are hosting a Louis Tomlinson streaming party starting on Friday July 30th.

Renaissance is an interesting app for Android and iOS, that rewards you for listening to music on streaming platforms. Since it tracks songs you listen to and keeps some stats about listening time, this app allows you to support your favorite artists while earning rewards and prizes, including artists merch, tickets, and many more.

All you have to do is listen to your favourite singers or groups on Spotify, joining streaming parties when you can, and earn up to 5 stars per day (you will get 1 star every twenty streams) that you can use to redeem exclusive rewards.

The original starting date was July 28th – yes, 28. As I said Renaissance knows. – but Spotify was experiencing issues with the Recently Played feature so streams weren’t being tracked correctly, which could ruin Louies’ reputation not allowing us to hit the goal as we usually do. And that couldn’t happen so Renaissance postponed the streaming party a couple days. Starting on Friday July 30th at 10 am PST (check on the app the right time according to your time zone!) it will last the whole weekend!

Last time, Renaissance hosted the biggest Louis Tomlinson streaming party ever and set the goal to 500k streams…and of course Louies hit it way before the event ended because yes, rumors are true, we break records for a living. In May they hosted 12 streaming parties at the same time to compete for #BestFanArmy and see who hit the goal first. If you think Louies won, you’re not wrong at all!

I have no doubt we’re going to hit that goal and possibly go even beyond it because Louis Tomlinson always deserves more and better, especially considering that his debut album Walls is expected to make an appearance on the UK charts again after a year and a half, following the 1500 copies of its picture vinyl repressed by HMV for their 100th anniversary quickly going sold out last week.

Get ready for #RENxLouisTomlinson and don’t forget to check if you can enter the prize draw to win two tickets for The Away From Home Festival Louis is going to put on in London on August 30th!

Stanning Louis Tomlinson we keep winning, I know, and I’m SO here for it.



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