Louis Tomlinson announces The Away From Home Festival

The 'Walls' singer is going to host his own one day free music event in London on the 30th August.


Remember when Louis Tomlinson came online in April to make us freak out saying that he’s “got something BIG planned later this year”? Well, the time has come, and he just announced The Away From Home Festival, a one-day music festival entirely curated by our Tommo himself!

It will take place on the 30th August at the Crystal Palace Bowl, an iconic venue in London that’s been hosting outdoor live performances for over a century. It will allow 8500 lucky fans to live this awesome experience FOR FREE by simply entering a prize draw to get the tickets via awayfromhomefestival.com from 29th July 2021 at 4pm BST to 5th August 2021 at 2pm BST. You must be 16+ to enter this competition. The event is open to 14+ (Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).

Being held in celebration of the return of live music this summer after over a year of restrictions and months of lockdown, Louis wanted to make tickets for this event completely free so fans don’t have to spend any more money to enjoy him perform live before his sold-out world tour finally kicks off next year.

He could have earned a lot of money from this event, especially considering the circumstances, but he decided to make it free and to give his Louies from all over the world a chance to join.

Yes, if you’re thinking he’s the best you’re 128% right. He is.

Of course, we can’t pretend the virus disappeared, so everything will be organized with special safety measures and extra precautions. Check out all the rules and requirements on the website before signing up and please make sure you do that only if you’re certain you’ll be able to attend the event.

And if you won’t win the tickets or you can’t enter the draw for any reason, don’t despair! When a fan asked him if there’s going to be a livestream, our Tommo reassured us as usual.

*breathes a sigh of relief and waits for the details because once again she will be able to watch him only through a screen* *sobs*

Louis didn’t miss the chance to make sure no Louie felt bad for not being able to go because yes, again, he is the best. He just is.

Tomlinson will headline the event; the lineup also includes The Snuts, Bilk and special guest DJ Radio 1’s Jess Iszatt.


I can’t wait to find out the setlist…will Louis sing new music for the occasion? Will he release it or will he hurt us again pretending it never happened? Speaking of hurt, will he bless us singing “Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy” again since last (and the only smh) time we’ve heard that masterpiece was during his record-breaking livestream last December? (He better do it.)

It’s not the first time Louis performs at a festival: in 2019 he headlined the Coca-Cola music festival in Madrid to an audience of 25,000 people, and performed to 65,000 fans at Premios Telehit in Mexico City. Last year he was supposed to perform at the Rock in Roma but sadly Covid-19 didn’t let him and next summer he’s going to play the Milano Summer Festival. But it’s the first time he performs at a festival completely conceived by himself and that’s just HUGE.
Also, when asked if he planned to do something similar again, he really replied “Hoping for it to be an annual thing.” CAN YOU BELIEVE???

Tomlinson released new merch on the 28th July – yes, he is the best and also THAT extra – with a new logo, new graphics, new tears from us Louies. So, yeah, LT2 is definitely coming and we will most likely not survive, I can feel it in my bones.

Louis Tomlinson new logo
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Meanwhile, keep streaming Walls – which is expected to make an appearance on the UK charts again after a year and a half, following the 1500 copies of Walls picture vinyl repressed by HMV for their 100th anniversary quickly going sold out last week– and get ready for The Away From Home Festival!

“I’ve been sat on this idea for the last 12 months at least and now to see it come to life makes me very excited. Personally, playing live shows is the best part of what I do and it’s been far too long since I’ve seen my fans, so I wanted to put this festival on to say thank you for all the support and celebrate the return of live music. I’ve got a really good feeling it’s going to be a really special night. We all deserve that!” Louis declared.

Yes, you read that right. He actually said that “it’s been too long” since he’s seen his fans, that he wanted to put this festival on to celebrate the return of live music and to thank us – for the umpteenth time – for all the support as if we aren’t the one who should thank him every single day for brightening our lives.

So I think he’s right, we all deserve that. But we will NEVER deserve Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson smiling
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