5 things you have to have from Zoella’s new lifestyle collection


Zoella just announced her new lifestyle collection, Zoella Lifestyle, through a series of Snapchat photos and videos inside a mysterious apartment.

The space was decked out for the holidays, with swag on the mantle and a beautiful Christmas tree, and every room was filled with new and upcoming products from Zoella Beauty and the new Zoella Lifestyle. Zoe’s closest friends, like Mark Ferris, and boyfriend Alfie Deyes were also in the apartment to celebrate the reveal of the new collection.


Needless to say, every single thing looked absolutely amazing, so to narrow it down for you, here at the top 5 things you have to get your hands on for your home, apartment, flat, dorm—wherever.

1. “Naps fix everything” pillow

A truer statement has never been printed on a pillow.

Coming soon!

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2. Candles

They come in amazing scents like ‘Lazy Days’.

Coming soon!

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3. Pots with phrases

Perfect for pens and pencils, makeup brushes, or of course, plants.

Coming soon!

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4. Reed diffusers

If you like your scents without a flame, these are for you.


5. ‘Inspire’ keychain

It seems important to have a metallic reminder from Zoella everywhere you (and your keys) go.

Zoella, just tell us where to throw our money at already!

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