Which Spice Girls solo single is the best?


Melanie C has announced she is coming back with a brand new single and album. The brand new album ‘Version of Me’ is released on October 21st and will feature the brand new single ‘Anymore’. In addition to the brand new material, she is expected to announce some live shows in the near future.

Speaking about the brand new project she revealed “I wanted to make an album that I would listen to now,” says Melanie. “I’m not a leftfield artist, I never will be. I write pop songs, but my aim this time was to approach every aspect of them differently, to be more creative with structure and sounds. Whatever felt right, I went with.”

In celebration of this, let’s turn back the time and go through some of the best solo tracks that the Spice Girls released.

5. Mel B – Feel So Good

Mel B has had a bit of a poor string of solo singles with none of them really matching up to the musical genius of the Spice Girls. However this track, released in 2001, has stood the test of time as a noughties pop gem.

4. Let Your Head Go – Victoria Beckham

Taken from her unreleased second album, this track stands out purely for it’s brilliant music video showing diva Vicky at her best.

3. Maybe – Emma Bunton

This track wasn’t Emma’s highest charting single, but it clearly stands out as one of her best. Even after over a decade this track still sounds fresh and catchy.

2. Melanie C – I Turn To You

This track was the fourth single from Mel’s debut album ‘Northern Star’. The single we all know and love is actually a remix, the original can be found online – it sounds a LOT different. Probably for the best that the remix was released.

1. Geri Horner – It’s Raining Men

A classic. This track, cover of the ‘Weathergirls’ classic jumped straight to Number 1 when it was released back in 2001 from Geri’s second album ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’.

There we have it. Now we just have to wait for the Spice Girls mini reunion later this year and this year will be truly full of spice. It’s like the early 00’s all over again.


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