Starbucks can put as much ice in your drink as they like, thanks


It’s no secret that when you order an iced coffee at just about any place, most of what’s filling your cup is, well, ice.

Starbucks was recently taken to court in California over having too much ice and not enough beverage in their iced drinks (yes, seriously). In what could be the world’s sassiest dismissal ever, U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson said the court believes “if children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive” then the “reasonable consumer” should be able, too.

starbucks ice gif

What does this mean for Starbucks drinkers of the world? That Starbucks can continue to fill your Venti iced caramel macchiato with as many ice cubes as they damn well please, and you’re still going to have to fork over a fiver for it. They recommend you kindly ask your barista to remake your beverage if you’re not happy with it.

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Starbucks is currently under fire in a similar frosty lawsuit over in Illinois, but chances are things will go down in exactly the same way. Please just order a hot beverage or try your local coffee shop if Starbuck’s ice-cubes-to-beverage ratio bothers you so much and leave it out the courts.

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