12 photos of school supplies that’ll get you psyched for September


Going back to school can be simultaneously exciting and depressing as hell, but nothing helps soften the blow of your fading summer tan like buying fresh school supplies. Pens, notebooks, binders, pencils, highlighters, all the things that make you say this year will be the year you stay organized—yes, please. To get you excited to start hoarding all those back-to-school goodies (before they disappear to the bottom of your backpack, never to be seen again), here are the most inspiring stationery aesthetic posts. Get on that BTS flow.

school supplies 2016

1. Color code your notebooks and planners with a rainbow of pens. It’s as useful as it is fun.

back to school stationery 1
Image source: @studyign_com

2. All. Neon. Everything. Who knew it could look so professional.

back to school stationery 2
Image source: @bulletjournals

3. A to-do list in addition to a planner will help you stay on top of everything. Having computer-like handwriting might help, too.

Image source: @studeying
Image source: @studeying

4. Your supplies don’t all have to be the same to be coordinated; a color palette will give you variety while keeping with a theme.

back to school stationery 4
Image source: @kirtasiyedunyam

5. Is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than perfect buckets of different colored pens?

back to school stationery 5
Image source: @i.am.studying

6. The neatest notes of all time. If your notebook looks like this, you must get perfect grades, right?

back to school stationery 6
Image source: @its_studytime

7. Planners don’t have to be boring. Calligraphy-like markers let you achieve awesome lettering without any of the mess.

back to school stationery 7
Image source: @wonderislandplans

8. Keep all of your supplies monochromatic for that Instagram-ready look.

back to school stationery 8
Image source: @imvintagerose

9. Swap out your backpack for a cute canvas bag with a quirky printed message.

back to school stationery 9
Image source: @thewriteimage

10. Yellow #2 pencils are for standardized testing only.

back to school stationery 10
Image source: @smallglow

11. Lay everything out on your bed the night before, feel really proud about your decision to stay organized, and then knock it all onto the floor before you go to sleep.

back to school stationery 11
Image source: @callinged

12. What’s more perfect than a rainbow of Sharpies? Perhaps a rainbow of scented markers, but these are a close second…

back to school stationery 12
Image source: @staidcapricious

Feeling inspired yet? Grab yourself a fresh set of stationery, head back to school, and hit the books! Best of luck.

Featured image source: @casedofficial

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  1. V says

    How do i make mine aesthetic without being basic

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