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Pop Music is a vast, great genre with so many different sounds and artists that encompass it. With this it’s hard to create a perfect guide for “pop fans” as not one singular fan has the same taste. Here are some suggestions for gifts for pop music fans—whether they’re fans of Drake, Lady Gaga or The 1975, there is a gift idea here for them!

gifts for pop music fans

1. Lady Gaga – ‘Joanne’ UK / US

Joanne is the fifth studio album by Lady Gaga and was released last month to critical and commercial success. With a complete 180 on the sound of her previous albums, Lady Gaga has created an album that encompasses so many genres with an overall pop vibe. Read a more in-depth review of the album here.

2. ‘Z’ by Zayn Malik UK / US

Zayn (previously of One Direction… if you didn’t already know) has had many ups and downs in his short career, with many not understanding who he actually is. Now with the release of his autobiography ‘Z’, Zayn opens up about his upbringing, the band, and his anxiety. In a mature move, ‘Z’ is a great look into a pop star that has let his guard down.

3. Ariana Grande Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones UK / US

Ariana Grande is well known for her use of cat ears on her tour, photo shoots, and overall in her life. So why not create cat ear headphones? The perfect treat for Ariana Grande superfans and fans of cats alike.

4. The 1975 – ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ on vinyl UK / US

The 1975 this past year have become one of the biggest bands due to their incredible music and ever-changing aesthetic. This being their second album, there is a bigger pop theme with songs like ‘The Sound’. A great gift for pop fans and vinyl fans (have you seen how pretty the vinyl is!)

5. Amazon Echo UK / US

As a pop music fan, why not get them the new Amazon Echo speakers to make sure they’re listening to their music in style. With built-in voice recognition, 360 degree sound, and an incredible battery life, what’s not to love?

6. Little Mix tickets UK / US

Little Mix are the biggest girl group in the world, no questions (read here why’s that important). They have had the biggest UK tour of the past year, garnered their 4th #1 single and are on course to gain their first #1 album. They’re also set to open up for Ariana Grande on her U.S. tour.

7. Beyoncé – ‘Lemonade’ – UK / US

Do I really have to explain? Just buy it.

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