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We’re all geeks at heart, even if you can’t admit. But own it. Scream it to the world. If you’re a huge superhero nerd like me then you’re obviously aware of the huge DC crossover happening next week. Also all the 2017 superhero films that are on their way. Ahhh, the excitement is real. If you aren’t that into superheroes but you know someone that is, check out these epic gifts for superhero fans. They’ll love you long time. Or if you want a superhero-related gift for yourself, may the odds be ever in your favor.


1. DC Comics Starter Pack US / UK

What an awesome way to start off your superhero DVD collection. Let’s be real, every hardcore fan needs these. Three different DC television shows, three times the addiction.

2. Superhero POP figures US / UK

I am absolutely in love with these POP figures. I have too many. You can choose from a range of different heroes, the choices are endless. Obviously dancing Groot is the cutest one there is. I’ll probably buy one for myself.

3. Superhero coffee travel mug US / UK

As an “adult” we need our coffee, especially for those early morning shifts, so you may as well do it in style. This one is available in different styles and symbols.

4. Superhero shot glasses US / UK

We all need these! They’ll come in handy whenever you host a party… with alcohol. Come on, pour me another one. Available in different heroes.

5. Thor’s Hammer keychain US / UK

A pretty cool gift as an add-on for someone’s car or house keys. Because why wouldn’t you want Thor’s Hammer? And it’s affordable too. Someone please buy me one? Also available as Captain America’s shield or Hulk’s Fist.

6. Captain America’s shield portable charger US / UK

Remember the good old Pokemon Go days? We all needed portable chargers then. R.I.P. battery life. I can’t think of a better way to charge your phone while you’re out. It might seem geeky, but I can guarantee it’ll look totally epic. Everyone will be jealous. USB cable included.

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