On Our Watchlist: ‘Jackie’ on Blu Ray, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Super Bowl spot, and more


Onwards we plough towards the almighty Oscars; the Super Bowl just happened, and many Oscar-nominated films have been released in cinema. This can only mean one thing… this week’s watchlist is going to rock. Including the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Super Bowl spot and much, much more.

‘Ghost In The Shell’ – Superbowl Spot

The highly-scrutinized, westernised movie version of the much-loved Japense manga is set to be released next month, and Paramount is pulling out all the stops in its promotional efforts. A new trailer for ‘Ghost In The Shell’ premiered online just before its worldwide debut as one of the many anticipated Super Bowl advertisements. The film stars Scarlett Johansson in a role that should probably be played by someone Japanese… but let’s leave it at that. Aside from that, the movie’s cinematography and graphics look excellent.

‘Jackie’ – Blu Ray & DVD Release US / UK

The Natalie Portman-fronted ‘Jackie’ has been making its rounds at many awards shows across the globe. Now, with the commercial praise matching that of its critical praise, the general public will be able to own this beauty on March 7th. I’ve just recently seen the movie and it is… stunning. Just stunning. The costumes, the performances, the script. Get this beauty!

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Superbowl Spot

The 5th film in the critically panned yet commerically successful megamovie franchise ‘Transformers’ is set to be released this summer. With Mark Wahlberg returning from the 4th entry and of course director Michael Bay, this film is set to smash the box office once it opens up. Paramount yet again are forking out big bucks to get this film in front of the 100 million+ audience the Super Bowl brings in. The film actually looks… interesting? Have a watch below!

‘Ballers’ – Complete Second Season Blu Ray Release US / UK

The Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson-fronted ‘Ballers’ has been a huge hit on HBO since its premiere. Dwayne produces and stars in the comedy sports drama. Recently renewed for a third season, it’s good to buy and watch the second season before the newest season is released.

‘Silicon Valley’ – Complete Third Season on Blu Ray US / UK

Focusing on six men starting up a business in the famous Silicon Valley region of California, the show has been a hit for HBO since its very first season. Now with the fourth season coming up, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on season three when it’s released on April 11th!

‘Hidden Figures’ – New Clip and Feaurette 

We love ‘Hidden Figures‘ and its entire cast here at United By Pop. Over the past few weeks the film has also been getting major love critically and commercially, smashing the box office globally! A new clip has been released to tease more people to go see the movie. By the way… it’s out now!

‘Passion of the Christ’ – DVD & Blu Ray Release US / UK

With the success of his recent effort ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ it’s only right for Gibson’s most successful film ‘Passion of the Christ’ be released on Blu Ray HD. Garnering rave reviews from critics after its release, ‘Passion of the Christ’ has become a staple in both English and Spanish cinema.

‘The Fits’ – New Trailer

‘The Fits’ is an exciting upcoming movie which tells the story of an eleven year old tom-boy who struggles to fit in with a girl dance troupe in the U.S. The film looks to be packed with emotion as the young girl starts to develop fits during random points of her life. A new trailer has premiered and you have to see it!

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