You could be paying more for your Netflix and chill soon…


Netflix is such a necessity we’d rather live off 20p packets of noodles at the end of the month than cancel our subscription. Well, bad news if you’re a loyal customer of the streaming service as you could be forking out an extra £1.50 a month.


How so? Let us explain. Netflix currently have 3 subscription packages, Basic, Standard and Premium. The first which currently costs £5.99 per month allows users to log in on one screen at a time, with standard definition picture quality.
The Standard package at £7.49 per month gives you HD episodes (up to 1080p), and access on two screens at the same time. The Premium package for £8.99 gives users 4K quality and allows up to four screens to be logged on simultaneously, perfect for splitting with your mates.
If you were an early adopter to the service when it launched in the UK you would have been able to bag the ‘Standard Package’ for £5.99 per month. Get your tissues ready as Netflix have confirmed that users still getting the deal will have to pay the £1.50 increase from May onwards.

Looks like we’ll be eating brown rice and vegetables for another meal come May then.

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