Which iconic Villanelle outfit are you from Killing Eve?

Find out which look you should recreate courtesy of our favorite villain of all time.


Killing Eve is back for a third season and with last year’s finale ending on a very shocking note, who knows what’s in store. From Villanelle’s murderous tendencies to Eve’s irrational tenacity, there’s a long list of possibilities that we’re hoping to check off.

With season two’s uncertain conclusion, the iconic duo’s relationship is up in the air. Will the pair be reunited, live happily ever after, and finally have that dinner Villanelle was dying to make Eve? Or will it end in murder, murder, and more murder? We’ll just have to wait and see.

And of course, this season is bound to give us exactly what we’ve been waiting for: our favorite villain dressed to the nines. In honor of Villanelle’s exceptional style, this quiz will give you the chance to find out which of her iconic outfits you are.

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Featured image source: BBC

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