Which piece of Harry Styles merchandise should you buy?


Harry Styles just did a Kim Kardashian. No, he didn’t balance a glass of champagne on his ass, but he did nearly break the Internet by dropping his tour merchandise. Of course, it’s brutally expensive, but this collection is cute and wearable.

From customized t-shirts to pink crewneck sweaters, dad hats and “Treat People With Kindness” notebooks there’s something for everyone. If, like us, you’re struggling to choose, take our quiz below to find out which item you need to get your hands on. Don’t forget to send us your results over to @UnitedByPop

[playbuzz-item item=”be3ba2ee-9830-4211-8b77-99548612e517″ format=”personality-quiz”]

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  1. Mya says

    oml i already had a shirt picked out but i wanted to see what this quiz would give me. i took the quiz and my result was the floating tee, which is the shirt i had already chosen from before. lol this is great

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