OUT NOW: Remixes of Niall Horan’s ‘This Town’


SURPRISE! If you couldn’t get enough of our son Niall Horan, then watch out. Because if you love ‘This Town’, you may want to check out all the banging remixes of it. Hell yeahhh.

OUT NOW: Remixes of Niall Horan's 'This Town' 1
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I remember when the rumours about Niall’s solo single starting making its way onto my timeline. I was shook, but so ready. And suddenly, BAM! Niall tweets his new single and the fandom erupted into craziness. And for a good reason. ‘This Town’ was amazing. It was a song I could see Niall writing. It felt like him. And I loved it.

I had attempted to film a reaction video for my YouTube channel at 1AM. Now, that’s dedication. I couldn’t really make loud sounds as my entire family was sleeping, so I had to use facial expressions. After not seeing Niall for so long, I freaked out.

OUT NOW: Remixes of Niall Horan's 'This Town' 2
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And now, all these remixes have me jamming once again. I can’t contain my excitement. Thanks to Capital Records for releasing this killer collection and making my day that much more awesome. also, this came out just in time because I need some new songs to jam to in the car.

With remixes from Tiesto, Cheat Codes and Goldhouse, ‘This Town’ has been reborn and y’all need to move your butts and check them out right here. And while you’re at it, you should probably #BuyJustHoldOn from Louis Tomlinson because it needs to be done.

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