The Styles family positivity is everything we need right now

Harry Styles has always been one of the biggest supporters of mental health.


With self-isolation and social distancing becoming the norm in our current world, it is vital that people focus not only on their physical health but their mental health as well. When you’re stuck in your home all day without work or school to attend, as well as not being able to meet with friends or loved ones, the world can seem more lonely and one can be more susceptible to depression and anxiety, along with other mental illnesses. It’s crucial that people feel as though they have an ally in this fight and know that they are not alone.

Harry Styles has always been one of the biggest supporters of mental health. Some of his more recent showings of support was during an interview with Zane Lowe when he put together a positive, peaceful and uplifting playlist during the two-hour session. Harry ended the playlist with the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” from the movie The Notebook, which fans believe is his way of letting fans know he will see them again soon when it is safe to be on tour again. He also discussed how important it is to check up on your friends who may be living alone during this time to make sure they are doing okay. He also told listeners to “allow the moments of happiness and just try not to make it feel like the world is ending so much.”
However, Harry is not the only positive role model. Mother, Anne Twist and sister Gemma have shown that it runs in the family. Gemma recently wrote a piece entitled “Goodbye, Normal” for the book “It’s Not OK To Feel Blue…and Other Lies.”

Gemma also writes regular articles about the topic on her website, her most recent piece is entitled, “Self Love is a Marathon.” “Self-acceptance and self-love aren’t a sprint to the finish of enlightenment,” she says, “that you will fix once and never have to think about again – working your way towards self-love is a marathon. Run it for yourself, not against anyone else.”

Anne is also a regular spokesperson in the fight for mental health, including constantly reminding others on her social media to always treat people with kindness as well as to stand up against bullying.

The Styles family using their influence to speak out on such an important topic, especially during this time, is a breath of fresh air and is something that has no doubt inspired and encouraged many people in their own fight.

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  1. Lisa Elston says

    Not surprised at all. I’m 61 … but I call Harry a walking antidepressant! He’s always so positive and sincere when he says “TREAT PEOPLE WITH KINDNESS” . . . He and Gemma were raised well by a loving mother and stepfather. Harry speaks well of his dad, and he had to play a part too. Wish they
    had a larger family. SMILE

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