Sam Tompkins becomes Spotify UK Pop Playlist Cover Artist

UK singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins releases brand new single "Die For Someone."


You might recognize the name Sam Tompkins from Justin Bieber’s Instagram story a few years ago when Bieber showed love to Tompkins’ 2021 single “Whole” — a song about feeling hopeless due to the chaotic state of the world. Tompkins’s raw vocals and vulnerability grew his fanbase, including Bieber, who even sang a snippet of “Whole” seen on Tompkins’ TikTok.


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♬ Whole – Sam Tompkins

Now it’s 2023 and Tompkins is starting the year with a new single “Die For Someone,” a chill pop song that delights with an upbeat instrumental paired with some emotionally raw lyrics—a dichotomy that works in Tompkins’s favor.


I wanna die for someone / And find somebody to lose my head in / Nearly broke myself ’cause I got too selfish / Wanna fall in deep with a person I barely know / I wanna die for someone


Tompkins’s distinctly gritty vocal tone make his lyrics even more emotional, allowing him stand out in the pop music scene. With the dynamics of his voice, it’s exciting to listen as he strategically leaves space in his lyrics for satisfying runs and ad-libs. Tompkins vocally favors soulful pop artist James Arthur with his ability to add depth to a generic pop sound with his tone and emotion.


The cover art for “Die For Someone” shows Tompkins free-falling among the clouds, which perfectly illustrates the feeling of falling in love, which he explains is the meaning behind the song.

“I am in love now and this song was written at a time when I realised I was ready for that to happen to me. That feeling is one of the most powerful things I could describe and it just makes me happy,” Tompkins explains via Twitter.

Tompkins also recently expressed his gratitude for being named the Spotify cover artist for the new U.K. pop playlist, describing the achievement as “extra special.”

“Die For Someone” is a solid addition to Tompkins discography and is sure to gain attention on multiple streaming pop playlists.

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