Fifth Harmony defend Little Mix in the name of feminism and we are HERE FOR IT


Little Mix are often criticised over their choice of on stage clothing. While we’re in support of what they wear, not everyone else is and believes it’s “too provocative”. However, fellow girl group, Fifth Harmony, have come to the defence of the girls.

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Dinah Jane has told people to “get used to it” and also says that the girls shouldn’t be ashamed of their body or their outfit choices.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: “We think you should show your flaws to fans because that’s what makes them love you more.”

“When women show skin, it doesn’t matter to us. Sorry, you have to accept it.”

The 5H girls are no strangers to being under fire about what they wear, but Dinah has revealed that they have come to ignore the haters saying that it “wasn’t for others to worry about their outfits” worn on stage.

“You have to stay true to yourself and as long as you are comfortable then no one else’s opinion matters. You are the one rocking it.”

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Fifth Harmony aren’t the only ones coming to the defence of Little Mix as Fleur East had something to say, too.

“I think it’s hard, especially when you come from a show like X Factor. Everyone sees you grow and they see your journey so they almost feel like they own a piece of you and they know you. With Little Mix, in particular, they were on the show when they were really young so everyone has grown with them – they are grown women!

“But I think everyone is still adjusting and think they’re still little girls. I don’t see anything wrong with what they wear.”

We are so happy to see women sticking together and fighting against the patriarchy –Little Mix’s single, ‘Power’ defines that perfectly.

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