Eric Nam brings you to The Other Side with his new EP

Eric Nam is back with his much awaited EP “The Other Side”


Eric Nam is back with his much awaited EP “The Other Side” since the release of his first English EP “Before We Begin” in November 2019.

The EP comes with five tracks, with ‘Paradise’ serving as a title track, ‘Trouble With You’, ‘잘 지내지’ (How You Been), ‘Down For You’ and the Korean version of ‘Love Die Young’. During the songwriting process Eric also worked with DAY6’s Young K on writing lyrics ‘Trouble With You,’ ‘Paradise,’ ‘How You Been,’ and ‘Love Die Young (Korean Version).’

With The Other Side, Eric wants to portray how there can be two sides to a person’s life. Even people who look happy on the surface have things that they’re struggling with and even when the situation is difficult, there are moments when we can experience happiness. The album conveys the positive message that if we can get past this difficult situations, wouldn’t we be able to see ‘the other side’?

The journey to “The Other Side” starts on a light tone with ‘Trouble With You’. The funky bright synths and almost hidden percussive melody mesh perfectly with Eric Nam’s soft but rich vocals. While the song might seem uplifting au contraire are the lyrics and message. The verses show how a relationship gone wrong now has no hope to be revived.

Next up is the title track ‘Paradise’, an upbeat guitar and synth based track, something that Eric Nam’s frequent listeners can trace back to other recent tracks like ‘Don’t Call Me’ and ‘You’re Sexy I’m Sexy’. Nam’s powerful vocals are the centre of attention throughout the track. The lyrics express how even if in a difficult moment, one can find their “paradise” to escape from reality.

The symbolism in the video accompanying the title track embodies this message perfectly. In the video we see different versions of Eric Name, representing his psychological and emotional state, with Eric Nam struggling during his day to day life and buying an innovative device that will enhance the better version of himself and achieve happiness. Eric comes face to face with one of his inner selves who hands him a magi tea and a note with the message “Vis ta vie” – French for “Live Your Life”. After drinking the tea, things are okay for a fraction of seconds before getting worse. Close to the end of the video, Eric has an awakening moment, he has to break free from that cookie cutter life and become his own person who lives his own life.

‘잘 지내지 (How You Been)’ is a break from the previous fast paced tracks with its rhythmical and piano based melody. With this song Eric Nam demonstrates his versatility and talent. Nam goes from breathy and soft tones to high notes impeccably, while the lyrics are passionate and touching to another level.

On ‘Down For You’ the synth pop meets EDM, the groovy track is unlike anything in Eric Nam’s repertoire but fits beautifully with the singer’s refreshing and smooth vocals, and its playful lyrics making it a perfect summer track.

The EP comes to an end with the Korean version of the pre-released ‘ Love Die Young’. It’s a rather emotional close and the Korean version of this pop ballad hits differently. The song is a dramatic plea to keep the love alive delivered by Eric’s breathy tones while his falsetto adds dramatic nuances to the track.

“The Other Side” is a funny and vibrant EP that won’t disappoint listeners. This EP highlights once again Eric Nam’s versatility as a singer and songwriter.

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