BTS’ Jin releases The Astronaut, a sweet farewell to his fans

Written by Jin and all the Coldplay members The Astronaut is Jin’s way of saying “see you soon”


BTS‘ Jin has just made his solo debut with the single ‘The Astronaut‘, a beautiful farewell song to ARMY in this very delicate time between the singer and his fans. Jin worked on the song alongside Chris Martin and the other members of Coldplay.

The release of the song was even more special with Jin flying all the way from South Korea to Argentina to play it for the first time with Coldplay on their tour Music of the Spheres. In a stadium full of people holding signs that said, “ARMY will wait for you”, Jin delivered a beautiful and emotional performance.

The singer also appeared live to talk about the release of the song on Weverse and explained the message behind the lyrics saying “I always have so much to say to our fans. Though I try to convey how much I love them and care about them in the lyrics, it’s always never enough. ARMY makes me a better person and my life happier”.

The movie video tells the story about how Jin fell on Earth and lived with a little girl and her family waiting for a call from space. When the call comes, he goes all the way from the little girl’s house to the spaceship only to realize when he gets there that he’s already home. A beautiful way to show ARMY that even though he’ll be away, he’s not leaving any of them behind.

ARMY have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since the release and they’ve shared thoughts on the song and movie video that show how well ARMY and BTS get each other.

We know it’s going to be tough to see Jin going to the army to start his service but at least we have ‘The Astronaut‘ to hold on to until he comes back. Let’s enjoy it and appreciate all the effort and love Jin poured in this song.

We’ll be counting the days until you return, Jin!

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