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Meet chae - an artist who's combining alternative R&B elements with dreamy soundscapes.


Ever wondered what it sounds like to combine dreamy soundscapes and alternative R&B sounds together? Meet Chelsea De Silva aka chae – the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who’s combining sounds and carving her place in the music scene.

The artist’s creative alias is “an identity that’s a part of all of us,” says chae. “She holds the tides of emotions, embodies feminine duality, but most importantly, she is an artistic expression of a young heart coming to age and finding herself.”

Before venturing into her solo work, chae began her musical career in the background of EDM. Lending her talent in creating such moving lyrics as well as her deep and sultry vocals, chae made a name for herself and caught the attention of fast-rising producers, and got the opportunity to work with William James and yetep on their 2018 collab “Light Up The Way” and Rome In Silver’s “Friends.”

But for chae, she realized she had more to offer to the world with her music. After taking a year-long hiatus to focus on how she wished to share her story, chae now releases “Make You” – the lead single off of her debut EP, Letters I’ll Never Write.

On “Make You,” chae dives deep into a story about unrequited love as well as self-reflection and acceptance. Taking you through the highs and lows when one is hurt and betrayed, the soulful stripped-back R&B track will have you appreciating every small musical detail as the singer bares her soul.

Explaining the meaning behind the whimsical and soulful single, chae shared:

“‘Make You’ evidently taught me that being raw, uncut, and oversharing oneself isn’t a weakness. I had been carrying inside of me a cruel expectation; that being a woman of worth meant forcing the ability to contain pain well and yet also maintain complete composure at the same time. But grief is weird. One moment you’re pumped up with hope – manifesting future scenarios, and the next you’re cussing at the top of your voice and drowning in the ‘what if’s.’ This song captures that humanity. It makes you confront both these stages, both sides that are very human, beautifully fragile, and unapologetically real.”

But it’s the fragility and vulnerability that chae writes in “Make You” that has you appreciating how open the artist is – something we bet we’ll see with her other songs when her debut EP drops on June 24.

The EP, Letters I’ll Never Write, chae shares is a memoir of one of the most meaningful chapters of her life and it carries the love, pain, growth, understanding, and gratitude to everything that life offers with no guarantees. Ultimately as chae further shares, it’s a promise she has created for herself but also serves “a learned fact that sometimes, more often than not, words are never enough.”

Stream “Make You” here and follow chae on Twitter and Instagram, and look out for when her debut EP Letters I’ll Never Write drops this June.

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