Tom King talks new single Hollow and EP coming soon

Tom King has released his second single ‘Hollow’ and it’s expected to be a hit!


Rising star Tom King has just dropped another fire single called ‘Hollow’. The release of this single follows his debut single ‘Honest’ closely.

When I first listened to ‘Hollow’ — which is a powerful piano ballad — I thought it had an incredible likeness to the songs of Lewis Capaldi. It was co-written by Ollie Green, who has written for the likes of Freya Ridings and Tom Greenan.

The 19-year-old is a star on the rise and definitely one to watch over the coming months, with his debut EP Confessions of a Lonely Heart dropping on 22nd October. Edd Holloway, who has written for Lewis Capaldi and Dean Lewis, has even co-written with Tom for this EP.

I caught up with Tom recently to chat about his new single and his EP.

When you released ‘Honest’ were you pleased with the reaction? Since it was your debut single!

Yes! The reaction to ‘Honest’ was very exciting. I remember Sean, my manager, texting me the night it came out saying we got on New Music Friday! That, along with the Gay Times premiere… I was pretty shook. Since then we’ve got onto a bunch of great playlists and I have the most supportive friends and family who are all loving and sharing the track.

How long have you been sitting on ‘Hollow’? Were you nervous or excited to release it?

It’s almost a year since me and Ollie Green wrote Hollow. I think we noticed, straight away, there was something special about the track. I’m very excited to release this one. I’ve never released a proper piano ballad which is funny because that’s what I write the most, so I look forward to people being able to add this to their breakup playlists.

Do you think it will receive a larger reaction since it’s your second single?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you (pardon the pun). I feel like the ones you’re least expecting do the best, but I’m just excited to hear what everyone thinks of it!

You have also announced your first ever EP, coming out this October. How are you feeling about that?

I’ve been wanting to do a body of work like this for ages! I’m also very blessed to have been able to create this EP with all these amazing songwriters and producers. It’s been an eye-opening process for sure and whilst I still feel like I’m finding my feet in the music world I’m loving it.

What can we expect from the new EP? Will the sound be similar to your first two singles?

I feel like this EP, as short as it is, has something for everyone. I tried to base each song on a different emotion but keeping them sonically similar. I can’t spoil too much but there might be some big, gospel style vocals coming in the next one…

It seems that there are several more exciting things to come from Tom, which we at United By Pop are majorly hyped for! You can listen to Tom’s new single ‘Hollow’ here.

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