Sam DeRosa chats about new single 321

She first caught the attention of millions when she appeared on Charlie Puth's episode of Songland.


Sam DeRosa’s original performance of “Pill For This” captivated not only the audience but also the judges of the highly successful and brand new series at the time. After her appearance on the show, music fans and listeners from around the world started to keep serious tabs on DeRosa. They were eager to hear new music and see what project she would take on next.

Her talents, of course, landed her right where she belonged. She co-wrote “broken” by lovelytheband almost immediately after her success on Songland, and the track took the world by storm. This was only the beginning.

Currently, the “321” singer is focused on creating and releasing her own music while still honing in on her impressive songwriting skills. In an exclusive interview with United By Pop, DeRosa opens up about her upcoming EP, collaborations and more.

What can you tell us about your recently released single “321” and the story behind it?

“321” is the lead single off my first ever EP. The idea is very suitable for quarantine! I wrote it about being a little drunk and home alone with my thoughts after hearing that my ex was in town. I think we’ve all been there and wondered “what if?”

This is your first release since “Pill For This” (which took off after Songland). How does this single differ from other music you have released in the past? And why was this the one that felt right for your comeback?

I think “321” is showing a fun side that I don’t think I’ve yet to show. To me, as an artist, it’s important to show all sides of my music and what I want to bring to the table with the stories I tell. I guess I just felt that this was a great way to introduce the fans to some of the other sounds that they’ll hear on the EP, but “Pill For This” will be on there too!

Does “321” preview the type of sound fans can look forward to hearing on your new EP The Medicine?

Definitely! I think this EP is sort of a way of dancing through my problems and dealing with creating my own closure in such a public way, post-Songland. Sonically, I wanted it to feel like the listeners are with me through every emotion and that we are navigating it together. “321” is track 2 off the EP and it definitely gives a different sonic vibe for that particular story I pictured in my head.

You were on Charlie Puth’s episode of Songland! What can you tell us about that experience?

Songland was so cool. The people are all beyond kind and talented, including the staff! Charlie is actually a HUGE part of why I’m pushing myself as an artist. He told me that he couldn’t take my song because I should sing it myself and that I was a recording artist. Those were words I didn’t take lightly. I’m forever thankful for that experience.

How does it feel to be able to watch “broken” by lovelytheband and “Be Happy” by Dixie D’Amelio, which you co-wrote, become massively successful and loved by so many?

Wow, thank you. It’s really incredible. The only way I could describe it is to say that I get overcome with this sense of gratitude and emotion because I never in a million years thought that I could help tell such important stories for someone else. Both Dixie and lovelytheband are incredible people and artists.

Who else would you like to collaborate with or write for in the future?

I have the longest list! Too many to name but I’m a huge fan of Jon Bellion, Mark Ronson, and Max Martin when it comes to production. I’d also love to work with some of the greats, like Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones [and] Paul McCartney. The list goes on!

What made you realize you could be the face of your own music, rather than just songwriting for others?

I’ve always wanted it. More than anything…but I was terrified. Charlie Puth and the rest of the Songland panel telling me to keep my song is really, truly what pushed me to go for it. Shane McNally signed me to his record label after the show and my life as an artist has been moving ever since!

What else can fans look forward to seeing or hearing from you this year?

More music! There are 5 more songs coming! My debut EP ‘The Medicine’ is out this fall and there will be tons of visuals, acoustic live sessions and [other] things to go with it. I’m so excited.

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Listen to “321” here.

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