Imagine Harry Styles crashing your date with an ex…


In the midst of promoting his debut single, debut album and first ever world tour as a solo artist, Harry Styles sat down with good ol’ Roman Kemp on his new breakfast show on Capital FM for a nice chat.

The couple had quite an interesting time. From mariachi bands to awkward encounters, it was all happening on the show…

Roman decided to get in the best mariachi band and give them some of Hazza’s old skool tweets to sing out in, well, mariachi style. Have a gander…

Look how excited he was about the entire situation! His smile could cure the world. I don’t know about you, but he seemed well humoured by the whole Louis Tomlinson having a wee tweet. Perhaps reminiscing over their old bromance house days? I know we’re all missing those golden days.

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Now, if you thought that was funny, wait until this next bit.

When Roman was on a date with his ex recently, he thought it was going pretty swell. That is until the cheeky One Direction member decided to gatecrash it and make things incredibly awkward. Take a look for yourselves…

I don’t know, Roman. If that were me, I’d find it like 10 times more entertaining. How do I get Harry to turn up to a date I’m on?! Also, just a shout out to Mr Kemp on his highly accurate Harry Styles impression – could see him getting away with a few pranks doing that.

Let’s be honest, after seeing this – we all want to interview Harry Styles. He’s just a bundle of laughs really, isn’t he? Not to mention the smile that could light up the entire room.

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