Louis Tomlinson fans raise over £1,500 to buy his album for fans who can’t afford it

Using GoFundMe, the fans behind @LouisPromoSquad on Twitter have raised enough money to buy 150 albums for fans around the world who can't afford to buy it themselves.


In the summer of 2018, when rumors of Louis Tomlinson’s debut solo album began circulating, the prominent Louis update account @LouisPromoSquad started crowdfunding money from fans. It wasn’t just to buy as many albums as possible to help Louis top the charts (though that could be seen as an added bonus). Their goal was charitable: get Louis’s album in the hands of the fans who couldn’t afford it.

Fast-forward to today, with Louis’s album Walls due out in just over two weeks, and @LouisPromoSquad has raised more than £1,500 ($1,953 USD) from 42 donors on GoFundMe. This amount of money can purchase approximately 150 albums.

“We started the fund when Louis first started hinting about an album, so it has been almost two years in the making,” @LouisPromoSquad told us. “We wanted fans to be able to get their hands on this very-anticipated album even if they were not financially able to afford it, because all fans deserve the opportunity to obtain their favorite artist’s music.”

When Louis tweeted out to his 33.5 million followers asking who’s pre-ordered the album already,  @LouisPromoSquad quote-tweeted with how much money the fans had raised, to which Louis replied, “That’s fucking incredible!”

They will continue using funds raised to gift physical copies of the album directly from Louis’s online store to fans in need.

“The fans have been so generous in not only supporting us but also the other fans in this amazing fan group,” @LouisPromoSquad said.

If you have the means, please consider donating what you can to their official GoFundMe so more fans can have the chance to own a copy of Walls.

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