These ex-boyband members have had amazing solo careers, and Aston Merrygold is about to do the same


You’ll definitely remember Aston Merrygold as one-quarter of ex-boyband JLS, who’s career took off after their audition on The X Factor in 2008. My friend went to Birmingham to see them in concert and I was lucky enough to see them perform in my home town for a ‘Big Weekend Festival’. Not going to lie, they were absolutely amazing. Since their split in 2013, the former band mates have gone on to explore various career paths – but it’s only really Aston who has continued doing what he does best, and that’s singing.

Despite them splitting up, the band still remain very close friends, which really is commendable. Let’s face it, a break up is never pretty – whether it’s a relationship or a band break up. It’s all very emosh!

Of course, this isn’t the first piece of music we’ve heard from him. Last year he released his debut single ‘Get Stupid’ and now, one year later he has released another single entitled ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ featuring LDN Noise.

Speaking about the single, Aston said “I’m excited for this new chapter…it’s been interesting creating different music”. Let’s hope that he’ll release his album soon because if this single has got anything to go by, it’s going to be amazing! ‘I Ain’t Missing You’ is out now and available to download on iTunes.

Aston wasn’t the first and most definitely won’t be the last ex boyband-er to spread his wings after flying the nest of boyband-hood. I took a look at some of the other successful chaps.

Michael Jackson

Probably one of the first members of a boy band to go solo, ex-Jackson 5 member and my ultimate hero, Michael Jackson. I grew up with his music, from all the Jackson 5 stuff through to his solo career. It was his 1979 album ‘Off The Wall’ that introduced his solo career and made him a megastar. Despite his death in 2009, his music will forever be timeless and will continue to be a part of peoples lives for generations to come.

Justin Timberlake

After announcing their ‘temporary hiatus’ in 2002, N*Sync were never to be seen again. Although they didn’t confirm their split until 2007, it was pretty certain the band had definitely said ‘Bye Bye Bye’ as Justin went solo the very same year as the split. Undoubtedly, very Michael Jackson-esque, Justin hasn’t hidden the fact that he was musically inspired by the King Of Pop. Let’s just say, it’s paid off. Justin has had an amazing solo career since leaving the band, and is still dominating charts in 2016.



March 25th, 2015 will forever be a date us Directioners will remember. Despite it being over a year since Zayn left 1D, it is still relatively raw for some – and what a year it’s been. While One Direction went on their hiatus well-earned break, Zayn took his opportunity to shine, and that’s exactly what he’s done. From the release of his debut single and album, Zayn continues to amaze us with his latest collabs with Snakehips and M.I.A. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before he goes on a solo tour.


Nick Jonas

Who could forget Disney faves The Jonas Brothers? After the band parted ways in 2013, baby bro Nick went on to release debut single ‘Jealous’ in 2015 which stormed the charts. His career continues to grow. Not the only Jonas Bro to continue singing, of course, Joe went on to join another band in the form of DNCE. But what happened to Kevin? Does anyone know? Last seen on The Celebrity Apprentice last year, but that’s about it I think.


Nathan Sykes

As one of The Wanted’s boyband members, Nathan Sykes had a taste of pop success well before going solo. After three top 10 albums and ten Top 10 singles, the band hit an ‘All Time Low’ after agreeing to take part in their own reality show. This didn’t discourage Nathan from wanting to continue his career in the limelight. His debut album is out later this year, and is reported to disclose the difficulties of the split from the band. Saying that, as difficult as this must have been for him and the others – I’m looking forward to hearing what these songs are going to be like.

Do you have a favourite ex-boyband solo artist?

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