Zayn made his clothing line genderless and we are applauding so much right now


Not only is he a musician, but Zayn is also a fashionista who has just released his own clothing line, which we are considering to take a loan out just so we can splurge it.

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Zayn was thinking a lot about his fans when making this collection and about the diversity of the fandom, too. Speaking to Vogue, Zayn said. “I wanted all of my fans to be able to wear my designs, no matter their gender,” he says. “It was a challenge of course, as the workload was a lot more than if I chose to do just one piece or a few pieces, but this was worth it. I’m so pleased with the results.”

YES, KING. WE ARE SO HAPPY! Whatever your gender, you will slay rocking Z’s collection. But is this designing shindig a one-time thing? Apparently not…

“This is not the last time I will design. Working with Versace made sense because I had a long relationship with the brand. It felt natural. There weren’t any challenges at all. Donatella and her team are incredible to work with, and I was so inspired that the ideas just ran! She inspired me to be true to myself and my personal style, and I’ll never forget that. Donatella is a G.”

That’d be good on her resume “is a G” – Zayn Malik.

Talking about his love for fashion, Z said “Fashion came hand in hand with music for me. I have always loved the style of iconic British punk musicians because they were so anti-culture, and it felt like a real statement.”

“Also, at the same time, the garage and hip-hop scenes really put the sportswear we were wearing on the map. “I love being creative. I love working in the studio, making music, painting the walls, and designing clothes. I just want to do what I love and make sure my fans are a part of the journey. That’s the most important thing to me.”

Well, we’re so excited to see what’s next on the cards for Mr Malik and getting our hands on his sick designs.

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