Zayn Malik gets a tiny new tattoo with a special twist


Zayn Malik is already quite covered in tattoos, and with most viable real estate covered, it looks like he’s taking to smaller tattoos to fill the spaces left. New York tattoo artist JonBoy, who specializes in minimalist tattoos, inked a tiny lightsaber onto Zayn’s middle finger. The coolest part? When under a black light, the lightsaber appears to glow blue.

May the force be with you @zayn #uvink #starwars #jonboytattoo

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JonBoy is also the artist behind some of Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner’s small tattoos, his minimalist aesthetic clearly a big hit with celebrities.

“Zayn’s just got the coolest tattoo,” JonBoy says in a Snapchat. “Ready? Lightsaber.” He switches the black light on. “Boom.”

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