5 scarily spooky UK ghost hunts you need to embark on this October


We’re well and truly into the autumnal season now and we’re weeks away from the exciting celebration that is Halloween. To celebrate in true spooky style, I’ve found the best ghost hunts across the UK that you need to embark on this October.

St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry

St Mary's Guildhall
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St Mary’s Guildhall was built around 1340 and is said to be the finest surviving medieval guildhall in the country. Guildhall is one of the only few buildings from the Tudor period and Mary Queen of Scots was held captive in the Draper’s room.

When: 29th October 2016
Price: £39.00
More info: website


Margam Castle, South Wales

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A terrifyingly eerie and chilling castle in Port Talbot, South Wales, is believed to be home of a nasty and angry spirit of a Game Keeper who has said to have been murdered by a poacher and is the main haunt of the castle, being responsible for throwing objects around. Home to many ghosts, the castle has been at the centre of many amounts of paranormal activity.

When: 28th October 2016
More info: website


Ripon Workhouse Museum, North Yorkshire

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Step back in time and take in the eery atmosphere of the poor unfortunate former residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum, where a feeling of doom must have fallen on many a passing through the Gatehouse arch and hearing the door shut behind them, knowing they would leave only in a coffin ‘with two handles, name of the person with the year of their deceased inscribed’.

When: 22nd October
More info: website


Londons Ragged School, London

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Not for the faint hearted, the Ragged School Overnight Ghost Hunt will test your nerve with access all areas to scrutinise a haunted location in the East End of London. Capture a real sense of how things were for the children at The Ragged School. This building leaves you with no doubt that there are spirits and ghosts within.

When: 29th October
Price: £69.00
Website: website


Drakelow Tunnels, West Midlands

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Almost out of view beneath the overgrown foliage below Solcum Aylesbury hillfort lay the historical Second World War Drakelow Tunnels. Originally named “Drakelow Underground Dispersal Factory”, the tunnels have been kept in secrecy until as recent of 1993, due to it being once a former underground military complex under Kingsford Country Park near the village of Kinver, Staffordshire.

When:1st October
More info: website


So, if you’re looking for an eerie experience this Halloween, be sure to check out one of these amazing ghost hunts. Happy haunting.

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