Bitch on a Budget: March 2017 | Gold Desk Accessories


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March is a tough month for the bitch on a budget. It’s that difficult transitional phase between winter and spring where you just have to keep hanging on, hoping for better weather, and it’s tempting to buy things to feel better. So what better way to cheer yourself up than buying a bunch of inexpensive (nothing over 20 dollars or pounds!), shiny gold things for your school or work desk? Let the bling brighten your March days.

cheap gold desk accessories1. Gold stapler US / UK 

The combination of gold and clear acrylic is honestly the most Tumblr-aesthetic thing I’ve ever seen. Be prepared to buy a ton of staples, because you’ll be wanting to use this all day long.

2. Gold Sharpies US / UK

Metallic Sharpies are AMAZING. They can write on dark surfaces just as well as light ones! And when you write your name on your lunch in gold, no one will dare take it.

3. Gold binder clips US / UK

Bling out your stack of papers with a shiny gold binder clip. Your work may not be solid gold, but this binder clip is.

4. Washi tape US / UK

Decorate literally anything – your notebook, your desk, even the edges of your computer screen – with easy-to-remove washi tape.

5. Clipboard US / UK

Boring clipboards are so not for you. This adorable one even has a positive message that help you on the dreariest of days.

6. Paper clips US / UK

Why buy traditional silver paperclips when you can have these gold ones in a cool shape! Your papers will totally stand out.

7. Metal planter US / UK

Brighten up your work space with a plant (faux or real, we won’t judge). It’ll help you feel like you’re not trapped indoors all day with no fresh air…

Featured Image Source: PB Teen

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