Seven Steps to Success from Tony Mitton’s Potter’s Boy


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No two ways about it, poet Tony Mitton’s newest release, ‘Potter’s Boy‘ is the new Paulo Coehlo’s ‘The Alchemist‘! It too, with its inspiring and timeless tale that manages to capture the essence of life and the uplifting spirit of the book that has something to offer every reader from every walk of life, is a read that delivers much more than it initially appears. Through its story, about one boy’s journey comes numerous lessons that have the power to shape the lives of every reader.

Though too vast to list every of the secret steps to success the book uncovers, here is a list of some of the most empowering of passages from the book, and how they can be adapted for your own self-endorsement and progression.

Define your thoughts but don’t let them define you.

your experience is made up of three main elements: mental events, physical events and emotions. While it’s possible to define them as separate categories, often they come tangled together. For instance an embarrassing thought, like the thought of being in public with no clothes on, while it’s a thought it also comes with an emotion and also with a physical sensation: the emotion is one of feeling flustered, anxious and uncomfortable and the physical sensation might be hotness in the cheeks, a blushing and a shortness of breath. But, in short, most of our experience is a kind of mixture of mental thought, emotional feeling and physical sensation.

Respond don’t react to negative situations

The trouble with reaction… is that it very often makes things worse, puts more fuel on the flames, so to speak. Someone snaps at you. You snap back. And soon you are quarrelling or even fighting. And neither person is truly listening to what the other is saying. What one is trying to say gets wrapped around with the other person’s cloud of concern…

I am using “react” to describe what we do when we behave automatically, without thinking. I’m using “respond” for when we put that hidden, inner self in control. The inner self pauses and holds back from instant action. It separates itself from the moment just enough to give time to consider what best to say or do, rather than what comes “naturally”. Sometimes it results in not-saying or not-doing at all. The main thing is that it allows time to read the situation more fully before ploughing in with words and actions that may be unhelpful, or that may make things worse.

Focus on the present to achieve future success.

How does one eat a mountain of rice? A few bowls per day. How does one travel a thousand miles? A few miles a day, one step at a time. How does one read a library of books and scrolls? One sentence at a time. Word by word, bit by bit. How does a snail climb Mount Fuji? Inch by inch, with present attention. And with patience.

Life is your best teacher.

From now on life will be your teacher. You will find her at times a tougher mistress… Try to learn from all she shows you, regardless of how good or bad it may seem at the time. Don’t dismiss anything. Whatever happens will teach you and help you to grow, provided you maintain the right attitude towards it. Try to remember this when things may seem to be going badly.

View yourself through kind eyes. Always.

You will never see your own clear outline in the way you see that of others. To you, others have a sense of definition, of clear character, of distinct nature or identity. To others, you will have something of that kind for them, though you do not see it yourself. You cannot separate yourself from yourself to see yourself as others may seem you. You have to live from within yourself, remaining in a sense, behind your own eyes, your own senses.

Accept change.

everything changes and we must allow change to flow through us as it does with all things. Nothing can stay the same for ever and we must now move with the times.

We are all just solitary woodsmen.

The solitary woodsman wending his way… this figure represented the journey we all make through life. He stood for the way we at times seem to toil on an upward journey, alone. The comfort it might bring… is considering that it’s the same for all of us. And we can tell ourselves that somewhere ahead of him, hidden in the mountains, is a small hut where tea and rice and rest awaits him

What other steps to success will you discover?

‘Potter’s Boy’s is available to pre-order in the UK now.

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