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Disney and Pixar-themed emojis are on the way to your smartphone keyboards

When you look at someone’s most used emojis, you can tell a lot about that person. Whether they’re an avid eggplant user or dancing lady, we’re all pretty much fluent in them now. With new updates, come new emojis, like the glorious unicorn we were waiting years for, but there’s a certain category of the little icons we’ve been missing since the very start: Disney emojis.

In the below video, Disney finally confirm their brand-new collection of more than 400 themed emojis, ranging from Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, Lilo and Stitch and the classic Mickey Mouse shaped balloons and princess hats.



There is a slight catch though, unlike the normal emoji keyboard this isn’t just a simple download. You’ll have to work for those pixels by basically playing a Disney version of Bejewelled, called Emoji Blitz. You’ll have to unlock the emojis and collect them before popping them into your every day text conversations, totally worth the work.

Download for iPhone here, and Android phones here.