Will Linley drops his new track Blame

Will Linley has chatted to us about his new song ‘Blame’.


Will Linley is back with his first single since releasing his EP, Magic, last year! Will released ‘Blame’ last month after excitingly announcing a US headline tour.

Will is a 22 year-old singer/songwriter from South Africa and cites Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran as some of his inspirations. He played the violin and viola when he was young and taught himself piano and guitar and has been writing songs since high school.

Will’s previous single, ‘Last Call’, has amassed over 40 million streams globally which is huge! ‘Blame’ follows this single and is destined to lead the same success with it. Will described it as “one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written”.

We had the pleasure of talking with Will to find out more about his brand new single.

Hi, Will! Your fantastic new single ‘Blame’ is out now on all platforms. This is your first release of the year, how did you feel about releasing it?

I felt so excited! It’s a song that means so much to me. We didn’t hold back when it came to building out the sonic world of the song. I wanted something that pushed the Will Linley world into an interesting space while still holding true to who I am and I think we achieved that really well!

How would you describe ‘Blame’?

Blame is a song about the difficulty of having to say goodbye to a relationship that you care about deeply and the guilt that comes with stepping away when it was something that you held so dear to your heart.

Your ‘Magic’ EP was released last year, which is your second EP. Are there any plans to release a third EP some time in the future following ‘Blame’ ‘s release?

We aren’t gonna be doing another EP, however, we have a little surprise to add onto the Magic EP for everyone!

‘Blame’ came out just a week after you excitingly announced your US headline tour, which follows your hugely successful shows in New York and LA last year. What were those shows like last year? And, of course, are you excited to embark on the tour in the summer?

Those shows were chaotic but in all the best ways! There were so many things I wish I could’ve done better but I had such a blast, so it’s exciting to be able to come back and do some proper headline shows with the band. I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come with this summer tour. I think our show is at its best and I love the guys that play in the band, they nail the essence of every song.

What else can your fans expect from you over the next few months?

Lots more music, and many, many more shows!

‘Blame’ is out now. Keep your eyes peeled on Will’s socials for more music coming soon!

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