Cassa Jackson talks about her brand new single Reset Me

Cassa Jackson has just released her new ballad ‘Reset Me’ and she took time to chat and tell us all about it.


Cassa Jackson has recently been described as a “rising pop star” by the Daily Star and they’re not wrong. If you haven’t yet listened to Cassa Jackson, now is the time to and her brand new song ‘Reset Me’ is a brilliant place to start.

‘Reset Me’ is a beautiful piano ballad, showcasing Cassa’s amazing and elegant vocals. The song talks of how exciting it is when you have a new love in your life. It’s a vulnerable song but also a positive one.

Cassa is a completely independent artist and it is quite admirable what she has managed to achieve. Such as amassing over 15 million streams, supporting JLS and Blue on their huge UK tours and even performing at Wembley Arena. We were fortunate enough to chat to Cassa following the release of ‘Reset Me’.

Hey, Cassa! Firstly I absolutely adore ‘Reset Me’, it’s so beautiful. What’s the inspiration behind the song?

Hey! Aw thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it. It’s inspired by finally being treated the way you deserve to be treated in a relationship and how lovely that is. It’s celebrating that the ‘little things’ someone does go a long way to making you feel secure and loved in a relationship. It’s my first ever love song, who would have thought it.

‘Reset Me’ would be classed as a strong piano ballad which I always think are super underrated. Your other recent songs tend to be a little more upbeat. Have you always wanted to release a piano ballad like this?

Oh for sure! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a big pop track with epic production and they have been great for me to sing on my arena support tours, but yes I have always wanted to release some songs that just focus on the lyrics and melody as I wrote it, I think there’s something really special about that. Also my voice is at the forefront of the track, so it’s almost quite enchanting. I like that the main focus is the story and with just the piano and vocal, people can connect with the narrative of the song more.

How would you describe ‘Reset Me’ to somebody who was about to listen to the track for the first time?

I’d describe it as a song you should send to your significant other to show them how much you appreciate them and to thank them for making you happy every day. In fact, since it’s been released lots of people online have actually said it would make a great wedding song and I can definitely imagine that!

You’ve had over 15 million streams which is quite difficult to comprehend, how does it feel to know that your music has been listened to that many times?

It feels pretty amazing! That certainly is a lot of streams, younger me would be very proud! I just feel happy that I have played a part in empowering people through my music. Whether that be giving people the confidence they need to get out of a toxic relationship, or simply realise they deserve better, I love it when fans tell me what the songs mean to them and how it has impacted their daily lives.

You’ve done lots of incredible live performances and supported such big artists at iconic venues, and have some exciting shows lined up for the summer. (I actually saw you at JLS a few years back and thought you were brilliant!) Are you going to be doing any headline shows any time soon?

Did you! That’s so cool, the JLS tour was so much fun and was really the start of my career! In terms of my own shows…YES. I am in the process of planning my very own headline tour for the end of the year. It will be an acoustic tour to complement the music I’m releasing at the moment and I’m very excited at the prospect of it just being me, my fans and the music, it will definitely be group therapy!

I know you’ve only just released ‘Reset Me’ but what else can your loyal fans expect from you over the next year?

So, I am planning on releasing a song a month now until the end of the year, and combine them into a big project at the end. The idea is it’s a step-by-step guide to healing. I documented my healing process through songwriting and I want to share my journey with my fans. So ‘Reset Me’ is where I’m currently at, the end of the healing journey towards happiness, you’ve been ‘reset’, found the one, they treat you amazingly and make you feel fully loved. Then we go back through the PROCESS it took to get there as it was quite the expedition! The next song I’m releasing after ‘Reset Me’ is a song called ‘Turning Point’, this song takes it back to a time when you are just about getting over a previous relationship and ready to let go and put yourself first. I have lots of other songs about similar points along the healing journey coming this year and I’m so excited for people to hear them.

‘Reset Me’ is available to listen to now.

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