Watch: The Secret Life of Pets exclusive clip featuring Kevin Hart


Have you ever wondered what your pets really get up to when you’re not home? Sleeping? Eating? Causing havoc with your brand new toilet roll? Those examples might very well be true for some, but the creators behind Despicable Me have different ideas. ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is the laugh out loud comedy of the year which follows Max, a loyal terrier living a perfectly happy life until his owner, Katie, brings home Duke.

When Max and his unruly new roommate slip away from their dog-walker, they find themselves lost in the concrete jungle where dreams are made – New York City. Here they must put aside their differences and team together to ward off animal control, and a rebel band of abandoned pets, led by Snowball an unhinged bunny voiced by the hilarious Kevin Hart.

In the exclusive clip below, watch Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet get to know some real life pets. Some of which… are cuter than others.

I never knew a Red Tegu lizard existed until now, and I’m not sure I want one either.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is out now on digital download and comes to Blu-ray™ and DVD from 14th November, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).

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