The boys from The Tide chat about EP & love for burritos


The Tide are a force in the music industry as they have made a secure place for themselves by touring with huge acts such as The Vamps, and releasing some incredible hits over the past few years. This month they release their EP ‘Click My Fingers’ which judging by the lead single, will be another incredible step for the boys.

We had a sit down with them to grill about all things music, future plans, and even what food they’d love to write about

Some will know you from touring with The Vamps on their arena tours in the UK. What was your favourite thing about touring with the boys?

Drew: It’s fantastic because it’s like touring with best friends. We have the best time with them.

Levi: We all get along so well. The Vamps are super fun, down to earth guys.

If you could be one member of The Vamps for a day, who would it be and why?

Levi: I’d like to be Brad. He has a piano and a cool space at home where he writes music. Would be great to just hang out there and write songs. He’s a cool cat!

Austin: I’d be Tris. He’s got lots of cool studio equipment which would be good to hang out playing with!

The new EP ‘Click My Fingers’ is out this week. What is the best track for someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Austin: Well we’d have to Click My Fingers. It’s a good introduction to The Tide and the music we do. It crosses musical genres, so although we play guitars, we still have a bit of a dance beat in there too.

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Describe the EP in 5 words?

Drew: Personal. Original. Energy. Experiences. Cool.

What is the ultimate career ambition?

Levi: I just wanna make music – I don’t wanna be rich or famous, I want to write songs that reach a lot of people.

Austin: To play Levi’s stadium in San Francisco. It’s near my home town, I’ve watched bands play there before and it would be the dream to play a gig there!

You are constantly trending on Twitter and Facebook. Do you still get overwhelmed by the amount of support from your fans on social media?

Levi: Absolutey. We are so blessed that they have that much dedication. Every day surprises us and puts a smile on our faces.

Drew: One account TheTidePromo goes over and above and posts stuff every day. It’s amazing.

You guys love to post a cover on YouTube, which was your favourite one to do?

Levi: Chocolate – 1975 – it’s one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands.

Drew: Drag Me Down – One Direction – we made it very different by adding guitars.

What’s the plan for 2017? Will you be heading back to the UK? Hitting America?

Levi: Playing as many places as possible, wherever anyone wants us to play!

Austin: Also releasing an album, it will be a big year for us. We’re working very hard.

Finally, if you had to write a song about any kind of food, what would it be?

Drew: A burrito! We love burritos – we’re eating them right now whilst we do this interview.

Levi: I think you can rhyme a burrito with so many words. It would work really well.

The boys will be touring London later this month as they play the following dates and venues in the capital:

November 21st – London Borderline

November 23rd – London Garage

November 24th – London 229


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