This Is Louis Tomlinson playlist finally returns to Spotify

Louies celebrate the “This is Louis Tomlinson” playlist being back on Spotify in their own signature way.


2021 started just 11 days ago but Louies are already back at it again. I could tell you I’m surprised, but I don’t like lying. Once again, they we are dominating Twitter trends to celebrate the comeback of the “This is Louis Tomlinson” playlist on Spotify.

One of Spotify’s best original features, the “This Is” playlists deliver “on a major promise of the streaming revolution – the canonization and preservation of great artists’ repertoires for future generations to discover and appreciate, giving us curated lists of the greatest songs from the greatest artists.”

It’s of course a quick way to let someone’s music reach a bigger audience and boost the number of monthly listeners by gaining new ones, which is always all well and good. At the beginning of the year (after Walls’ release), Spotify launched the playlist — but after a while, it disappeared. Fans obviously tried to understand what happened and how to get it back, but it’s been radio silence.

Until today.

On Monday, January 11, the official Spotify Twitter account announced they fixed whatever had to be fixed and that the playlist is finally available again!

And Louies, as usual, welcomed the news with the calm and quietness that characterize them… that is, by trending worldwide #ThisIsLouisTomlinson and LOUIS TOMLINSON WORLD DOMINATION (because it’s always good to reiterate important concepts).

We also found out that Barbie is a Louie, but are we actually surprised? I mean, we’ve always known she is superior…you don’t become the undisputed Queen of the doll world if you don’t have taste.

To be honest, Monday was already a good day since it was the first anniversary of the day Louis found the most iconic way to reveal the tracklist for his amazing debut album Walls: having it painted on a mural (and mostly, having us all watch the aforementioned paint dry for eight hours, as we should).
louis tomlinson walls mural 2020Honorable mention to the best moment of that whole day, if you know you know!

Monday also marked exactly six months since Louis announced he left Syco. Now, some people might call that a coincidence, but l don’t believe in coincidences.

Speaking of, as some update account pointed out a few weeks ago, these kinds of playlists are usually toggled on or off based on label/team preference. So, does this mean we might get some label announcement soon (🤡) or was it Louis’ management team that took action?

Whatever the reason behind this is, we can only be happy and support our talented king. So, let’s keep on streaming, liking/following, and sharing the playlist with our friends and relatives!

This is Louis Tomlinson, and as many people as possible deserve to be blessed by him and his wonderful art!

  1. Catarina Leal says

    Thank u for this! Amazing article

  2. apollo says

    i love it !!

  3. apollo says

    Great article !! I love Louis Tomlinson ! Keep it coming

  4. ali says

    louis tomlinson world domination wbk!

  5. moon says

    waiting for the label announcement from the king

  6. Raven says

    I loved his song! As someone said, it’s like a ’90s indie pop nostalgia’ with flawlessly merged genres and ‘the voice of a punk rock singer at the beginning of the 2000s.’

  7. Raven says

    I loved his songs! As someone said, it’s like a ’90s indie pop nostalgia’ with flawlessly merged genres and ‘the voice of a punk rock singer at the beginning of the 2000s.’

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