Love Island’s Dr Alex is campaigning for better mental health awareness in schools

Dr Alex George, who found fame on Love Island back in 2018, is campaigning to speak to the UK’s Prime Minister about mental health.


With the pandemic continuing and coming up to a year since the UK had its first lockdown, mental health has never been more important as it is right now. Dr Alex George, who appeared on Love Island in 2018, has used his platform to shine a light on mental health ever since he shot to fame.

Before going onto the infamous reality show, Dr Alex was just an ordinary doctor working in an A&E department in London. Upon finishing the show, he went straight back to work and used his platform to speak out about his job. He has a YouTube channel that shows each aspect of his job, he answers questions from people and now, talks about Coronavirus to ease people’s nerves. He is now also writing his own book named ‘Live Well Every Day’ which promotes how people can get in control of their mental health again.

Last year, tragedy struck Dr Alex’s family when his younger brother, Llŷr, took his own life while studying to be a doctor. Since this, Dr Alex has made even more of a point of talking about mental health by going on morning TV shows.

He is now taking ‘talking’ about mental health to the next level and has started his own campaign to meet with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to speak about how crucial it is that children are taught about mental health. Dr Alex believes that all children should be educated on mental health at school so they are prepared for the world we live in, it could mean that fewer people are taking their own lives as they know they are not alone and know where to get support. It also would give children a much better understanding of their own feelings and emotions.

We are right behind you, Dr Alex! Mental health and wellbeing deserves to be taught in schools to make children aware of how they feel.

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