GOT7’s Mark Tuan proves international popularity via his YouTube Channel

Plot twist: He has never uploaded a video.


GOT7’s Mark Tuan will receive YouTube’s Silver Creator Award (known as a “Button”) as his YouTube channel has surpassed 100K Subscribers. At the moment of writing, the Channel has 672K Subscribers, well on the way to receiving a Gold Button (1M Subscribers).

Fun fact: Mark has never uploaded a video or actively promoted the channel. He simply shared the link during one of his brother’s streams and Ahgases were good at keeping a hold of that information and using it when it was the right time.

Turns out the right time was just a few hours after the official announcement from JYPE that GOT7, as a whole, will leave the entertainment agency after 7 years. This, plus the news that Mark will start his YouTube channel, had Ahgases flocking there to subscribe.

On Sunday 10th January, the channel counted 83K subscribers; in just 24 hours, the subscriptions increased by 512.9% according to Socialblade.

The GOT7 member has expressed his surprise and gratitude on Twitter and later on the Channel’s Community.

Creators Awards are given to YouTube Creators that have played by the rules. This means that only the Creators that kept their accounts away from copyright strikes, community guidelines violations or artificially increased subscribers counts will be awarded. Based on these, rest assured that Mark Tuan will receive his Buttons soon.

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  1. Vero says

    Debido a la separación que para mi aún no es muy clara, considero que como Ahgase lo único que nos resta hacer es apoyar a cada miembro en lo que desee hacer y dejarles saber que estaremos ahí siempre que nos necesiten, gracias por ser tan especiales y creo que nos toca a nosotras prestarles la mejor atención, la que se merecen. Felicidades Mark y gracias. #AHGASEFOREVER.

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