Upbeat and hypnotic, Sigrid’s single Burning Bridges is a summer anthem

Empowering and addictive, Sigrid's new single is all about needing a clean break.


It was May of this year when Sigrid released her single “Mirror” — the self-love anthem that captured the hearts of fans. Following the release of this single, Sigrid would then go on to release an acoustic version that would then bring a fresh new sound to the song.

Now, Sigrid has released another brand new single, and this time the Norwegian singer/songwriter continues her creation of upbeat and hypnotic anthems with the release of “Burning Bridges.”

For Sigrid, the past year has been all about reflection and with her brand-new single, it’s about needing a clean break.

“It’s inspired by one of the toughest things I’ve been through,” says Sigrid. “It’s a song that’s about the point where you just have to say in a relationship, ‘you know what, let’s just finish this.’ That moment of enough is enough, and you need a clean break.”

“Burning Bridges” not only has an infectious upbeat tempo but it also has another quality that is all too familiar with the “Don’t Kill My Vibe” singer and that’s her songwriting.


If one thing is for sure, Sigrid has a way with lyrics. She always finds a way to be honest with how she feels, and because of this, fans find themselves relating to her music while they dance and sing their hearts out.

Though we’re not sure when Sigrid will be releasing another single, the release of “Burning Bridges” has proven yet again that Sigrid is a master at creating empowering anthems and we’re positive that there are more to come, and we’re excited to see hear them.

Sigrid’s brand-new single “Burning Bridges” is now available to stream.

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