5 Songs from BTS to listen to if you loved Permission to Dance

We picked five great songs from BTS if all you want to do is dance


The bond between BTS and BTS ARMY is very special. The group is always trying to give back to the fanbase all the love and support they willingly shower them with every single day. So this year, for ARMY Day, BTS decided to drop Permission to Dance, a song that shows hope and joy even during difficult times and makes it almost impossible to stay still while listening to it.

BTS has done it before, more than once, they have released cheerful tracks that we can’t help but move when they are on. If you enjoyed Permission to Dance as much as us, you will probably love these other BTS songs.

Trivia 起: Just Dance is part of BTS album Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ and it’s J-Hope’s solo track. When we think of the rapper the word ‘’happiness’’ comes to mind since J-Hope is the sun personified in BTS. In the track he sings “I love the feeling of being with you, I love the dances you do with me” and “I get all the comfort just by you alone” and there’s no denying that this is happiness and comfort in just one song.

Stay is a unit song by Jungkook, Jin and RM from their latest EP BE. the song belonged originally to Jungkook’s in-the-making solo mixtape but since it conveyed the feelings they wanted to express in BE the youngest decided to give the song to the group. Stay is a funky electronic dance song and it shows the trust they have in their fans to stay even during hard times when they can’t see each other – “wherever you are I know you always stay”.

Moon is part of the tracklist of BTS last full album Map of The Soul:7 and Jin is the mind and voice behind it. Jin is the moon that revolves around the Earth that is represented by ARMY to him. He sings about the beautiful relationship he built with ARMY – “I’ll stay by your side, I’ll be your light, all for you” – and how amazing they are in his eyes. Even if the song is this lovely confession, Jin made it a fun and light track that we can dance to.

Best Of Me is the group’s collaboration with the duo The Chainsmokers and as expected it is an electronic song that you can’t listen to without dancing around. The lyrics appear to be another love confession to ARMY though we don’t know for sure if that’s the case. “You’re like the whole world to me”, “There’s no me without you”, “You got the best of me”. Even if it’s not for ARMY, it still is a song that brings us all good feelings with its rhythm and lyrics.

Anpanman is an instant serotonin booster. The song is part of the album Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ released in 2018 and it is about they wanting to be a kind of superhero but being a regular one that has no powers but promises to save you any time you need to, all you need to do is call Anpan. “I’m scared of falling and of letting you down but even if it takes up all my strength I will be sure that I stay by your side”. Along with the very cute lyrics, there’s this fun beat that makes us want to dance.

BTS’s discography is so long and there are so many hidden gems for every single mood. Don’t let the language barrier stop you, put it all down and enjoy their music, you won’t regret it, not even a bit if you check it out.

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