Louies celebrate Tomlinson’s debut album Walls hitting 350M streams on Spotify.


As a wise man once sang,“we made it, underestimated and always underrated” : Louis Tomlinson’s debut album Walls just surpassed 350 million streams on Spotify, few days before its anniversary.

Louies hoped that the amazing record could reach this important milestone as a “gift” for the occasion, a way to celebrate its first birthday and kind of let Louis know how much we love and appreciate it and how grateful we are that he decided to bless us mere mortals with such a masterpiece. But turns out we undervalued ourselves – maybe the “This is Louis Tomlinson” playlist being back contributed too – because we achieved the goal even earlier than expected…legends behavior!


Once again, staying true to ourselves, we reacted in the most sober way: flooding social media, especially Twitter, and getting #WALLS350M and PROUD OF LOUIS trending worldwide right away. As we should.

This is, obviously, thanks to Louies who never fail to show how loyal, dedicated, supportive and in love with Louis’ art they we are and to prove that Tommo is definitely right when he says “It’s more of a teamwork between us, it really is.”

But, more than anything, this is thanks to Tomlinson’s strength, determination, resilience, and huge huge HUGE talent. The talent he decided to share with us through songs that mean so much to and help so many people every single day. Songs that got streamed 350 million times since their release, with not much promo or radio play. Songs that you never get tired of listening to, dancing to, singing along to, smiling or even crying to. That you never get tired of, period.
Unless you got no taste, of course.

Louis Tomlinson tea
*Louis sips tea*

So, while waiting for the 31st January, keep streaming! Here’s to another 350 million…and way more because Louis always deserves more and better.

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  1. Ummi says

    Louis Tomlinson – Director’s Cut: We Made It (Official Video) youtu.be/mdtglux863A via @YouTube Let’s get this to 1M views before the anniversary of walls #1yearofwalls #LouisTomlinson

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