Miley Cyrus is performing for healthcare workers at the first TikTok Tailgate

And now we can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday.


Miley Cyrus will be headlining the annual Super Bowl tailgate — now rebranded as the “TikTok Tailgate” — just before the Big Game™ on February 7.

Miley won’t be performing for an empty crowd, however, as many other artists have done during the pandemic. She tweeted about her excitement ahead of the performance for the “NFL’s honored guests”: 7,500 vaccinated healthcare workers, who will also receive free entry into Super Bowl LV.

The collaboration with TikTok is fitting for Miley after many users posted videos specifically for her to see and comment on last month. Fans offered to shave their heads, get tattoos, and even get married if the singer left a comment on their videos. The trend even got Cyrus her very own burrito at Chipotle—what an icon!

Viewers can watch the “TikTok Tailgate” on February 7 at 2:30 p.m. ET on the TikTok app or CBS.

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